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Snack on our Izakaya inspired menu with classic favourites like slow cooked Pork Belly or Beef Tataki! With a delectable Japanese tapas menu made from quality products, we have something to please every palate! All items served from our kitchen made with the utmost care and is prepared and cooked on site.

4 pieces per person             $8
6 pieces per person             $12
8 pieces per person             $16
10 pieces per person           $20
12 pieces per person           $24
14 pieces per person           $28

Teriyaki Chicken

Grilled chicken thigh fillets, brushed with a house made teriyaki sauce, charcoal grilled to perfection

Spicy Kara-age

Marinated chicken thigh popcorn served with a house made sweet chili sauce

Pork Kakuni

Marinated for 2 days, twice cooked pork belly served with sweet soy sauce and aromatic dried chili

Ebi Mayo

Lightly battered tempura prawns, topped with thin slices of fresh toasted almonds & served with a house made creamy Japanese mayo

Tuna Tataki

Fresh tuna sashimi lightly seared, tossed with a sweet soy dressing finished with Japanese mayo, snow pea sprout, radish and spring onion

Beef Tataki

Thinly sliced wagyu beef marinated with spring onion, ginger, garlic. Lightly seared and served with a spicy soy sauce

Edamame Beans

Healthy steamed soy beans lightly tossed and served with Murray River salt (v)(gf)

Vegetable Gyoza

Lightly fried traditional vegetarian gyoza served with a house made soy sauce (v)

Vegetable Tempura

Fresh cut lightly battered seasonal vegetables, deep fried and served with a house made creamy Japanese pickled mayo (v)


Traditional octopus meatballs, filled with cabbage, yam & green onion. Lightly fried & served with Japanese okonomiyaki sauce and mayo